Cashmere Kitty CBD Hemp Flower


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Cashmere Kitty is a sweet, sticky flower with hints of berry, bubblegum and diesel. The scent of this flower smells strongly of deep, sweet sour candy.

Cashmere Kitty is well balanced with both relaxing and uplifting effects. The effects are mild to start, even energizing. But the chill feeling starts quickly and builds over time. 

Our Cashmere Kitty hemp flower seeds are cultivated from the mountains of East Tennessee. These seeds are organic, non-GMO and tested by 21 different metrics to ensure overall quality.

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Size: 1 gram
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Grown The Old Fashioned Way

Grown The Old Fashioned Way

Our hemp flower strains are given plenty of TLC. Cultivated in America, our plants are given only filtered water and 100% organic nutrients and soil. Our flowers are grown indoors without the use of any pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. We hand water and hand trim all our plants individually to give each plant the opportunity to be the best it can be.